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Who We Are

Fitsys delivers engaging group fitness programs to fit a wide variety of skills and fitness levels. Using bio-sensor technology, Fitsys supports the safety of participants during Fitsys classes while capturing measurements of progress over time, with gentle reminders and relevant coaching guidance — all delivered in a simple, turn key, fitness class offering.

How it Works

The wellness facility hosts the class — Fitsys delivers a fun, integrated wellness experience. Unobtrusive heart rate monitors “sense” bio-feedback information, which is gathered in real time and used to help guide participants both during and after the class. All programs are designed to be completely turn key. The hosting wellness facility only needs to provide a space — Fitsys takes care of the setup, class, and post-workout reports, delivered directly to you and your members.

What We Do

The primary goal of Fitsys is to simply deliver fun, safe, and low-maintenance group wellness and fitness offerings to its members. ¬†We strive to keep participants focused, moving, and motivated in a simple cardio and strength group fitness format while constantly “measuring” performance. The added benefit of bio-sensors is an additional layer of awareness and safety for every class, ensuring that each participant is safely getting the best workout they can. In addition, Fitsys delivers “evidence based” programmatic results for individual participants and, at a facility level, that serves to demonstrate the impact of the Fitsys fitness regimens. Participants can directly see the results of their efforts in a quantitative way that can help shape their improved exercise and health over time. Health facilities, with participant agreement, can see group impacts of fitness program offerings and group progress for it’s member participants.

For more information about Fitsys wellness and fitness offerings, please contact us at info@fitsysworks.com or call (484) 326-5228.